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ICD - 10 Transition

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Countdown to October 1, 2015

 Countdown to ICD-10

 ICD-10 Announcements


Local ICD-10 training offerings:


A two-day ICD-10 training will be offered this year at the Idaho Health Care Association 49th Annual Convention & Tradeshow on 7/21/15 and 7/22/15.  Click here for registration information and the full schedule of events.


Winning the Race to ICD-10-CM” was presented at the 22nd Annual Idaho Health Care Conference by Teresa Cirelli, Reimbursement Director with the Idaho Medical Association, an Idaho ICD-10 Collaborative partner. 

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 ICD-10 News


 Contact Us Regarding ICD-10

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 Idaho Medicaid Transition to ICD-10


Idaho Medicaid is ICD-10 compliant; ICD-10 transactions will not be accepted or required until 10/1/2015. 


We completed our claims processing system (MMIS) updates in July 2014 and our provider testing in September 2014.  While we continue to offer EDI testing for X12/837 validation, no additional provider end to end testing will be offered.


Our claims processing system (MMIS) was updated for ICD-10 codes based on our current Medicaid policy and policy's use of ICD-9 codes.  Our Medicaid policy has not changed beyond adding the applicable ICD-10 codes for DOS of 10/1/15 or later.  Our compliance means, effective 10/1/2015 our MMIS system will require claims for dates of service (DOS) of 10/1/2015 or later to use ICD-10 codes and claims for DOS prior to 10/1/2015 to use ICD-9 codes.


Implementation Resources for Providers

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)  has developed many resources to assist providers in the transition to ICD-10.  These resources include the Road to 10 tool for Small Physician practices as well as implementation handbooks with templates to assist providers.  These handbooks can be used as a reference whether you are in the midst of the transition or just beginning the process. There are handbooks designed specifically for:

·        Small hospitals

·        Large provider practices

·        Small to medium provider practices

Project Status - Completing updates to operational documentation

 ICD-10 Resources

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 ICD-10 FAQs

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