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ICD - 10 Transition

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Countdown to October 1, 2015

 Countdown to ICD-10

 ICD-10 Announcements


The Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) is conducting an ICD-10 readiness survey to determine how well the healthcare industry is progressing toward the October 1, 2015 implementation deadline.    


You can complete the survey no later than 3/6/2015 by visiting  


The survey results will be evaluated and compiled into a report for the industry, which we expect to release mid-March. Providers, health plans, vendors, and clearinghouses are invited to participate in this important initiative to help monitor progress as we move closer toward the implementation deadline.   

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 ICD-10 News


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 Idaho Medicaid Transition to ICD-10


Idaho Medicaid is ICD-10 compliant.  We completed the last of our system (MMIS) updates in June and our provider testing in September 2014. A BIG thank-you to our providers, clearinghouses, and billing agencies who participated!  Due to the delay announced by CMS on 7/31/14, ICD-10 transactions will not be accepted until 10/1/2015.  We have updated our claims processing system (MMIS) for ICD-10 codes based on our current Medicaid policy's use of ICD-9 codes.  This means, effective 10/1/2015 our MMIS system will require claims for dates of service (DOS) of 10/1/2015 or later must use ICD-10 codes and claims for DOS prior to 10/1/2015 must use ICD-9 codes.

Project Status - Complete

 ICD-10 Resources

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 ICD-10 FAQs

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