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Attention Billing Agents 


After our Trading Partner Account (TPA) upgrade this fall, all enrollment and maintenance, including paper forms, will be moved behind the secure TPA account. These will not be available in the Billing Agent’s TPA. If you submit maintenance or enrollment for the providers you represent, please work with your provider to set up their TPA account, if they have not yet registered for one. The provider should maintain the role of TPA Account Administrator.  Once the TPA is registered, the provider can add and manage users who access their TPA and control the security level of each.  Instructions can be found in the Trading Partner Account (TPA) User Guide.  In addition, you may reach out to your regional Provider Relations Consultant (PRC) for assistance with setting up the TPA.



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Created at 7/17/2017 12:17 PM  by hopemccain 
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