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Welcome to Idaho Medicaid Health PAS Online.

We thank you for your participation in the Medicaid program and decision to submit electronic transactions.

Multiple User Access to Your Trading Partner Account:

IDMMIS trading partner accounts support multiple users in compliance with HIPAA security regulations. If you have additional employees that require access to your trading partner information or need to submit transactions, please invite the users and set security permissions by selecting ‘Manage Users’ under ‘Account Maintenance.’

Associate Billing Providers to Your Trading Partner Account:

When you created this account you were required to link the trading partner account to a billing provider. If you have additional billing providers, please select ‘Provider Associations’ under ‘Account Maintenance’ to add your remaining billing providers. Billing Providers must be associated to your trading partner account to use the web-form entry features of this site.

X12 Submission:

HIPAA X12 transactions may be submitted using the ‘X12 Upload’ feature under ‘File Exchange’ in the left navigation menu. You must be certified to submit production transactions. For each transaction you intend to submit, 837P (Professional Claims), 276 (Claim Status Requests), 270 (Eligibility Requests), etc., you are required to upload at least three test files (indicated by a ‘T’ in the element ISA15 - Usage Indicator) with at minimum 15 transactions per file that receive no validation errors. Upon passing the testing requirements, you will automatically be certified to submit production transactions. View your EDI transaction certification status by selecting ‘Trading Partner Status’ under ‘Account Maintenance.’ Please note your Trading Partner ID was assigned at the time of registration and is displayed at the top of this page.

Interchange Acknowledgement (TA1) responses are displayed at the time you upload your transactions. Please be sure to check your EDI Responses. WEDI SNIP levels 1-2 edits are returned on a 997 for 4010A1 transactions and on a 999 for 5010 transactions. Levels 3 – 7 are returned on an 824 for most transaction types. The responses may be accessed by selecting ‘Responses’ under ‘File Exchange’. Response email alerts may be scheduled by using the ‘Alerts’ feature.

Web Form Entry:

You may use web-forms to submit claims, referrals and authorizations; and verify eligibility, claim status and payment status. Billing providers must be associated to this trading partner account to use these features (see Provider Associations above). These features are available under ‘Form Entry.’ Rendering providers affiliated with your billing provider will automatically be populated on web forms. If one of your rendering providers is not available, please contact provider enrollment to check the status of the rendering provider’s enrollment or for instructions to enroll the provider. | Site Policies | Copyright Notice | Privacy Statement